IMG_4235During the “school year” (this year, beginning September 16) we gather for worship on Sundays as follows:
9 AM
   Classic TEC (Holy Eucharist from the BCP and songs from the Hymnal 1982
10 AM  Fellowship followed by:
          Godly Play for kids age 3 – 9
           Post Godly Play official name to be determined) for kids ages 9 – 13
           Teachable Moment for adults.
Occasional All-together events
11 AM A 75-minute Holy Eucharist with music and prayers from a variety of sources. Followed by a lunch fellowship. Food provided. All are welcome. 

Child Care provided from 10 – noon for kids 1+

*See more here.

And on Wednesdays:
5:30 PM               A simple and quiet Eucharist in the Chapel.
6:15 PM – 7 PM    Contemplative Prayer.

In the summer months, we gather for one liturgy on Sundays at 11 in the Chapel, with a Bible study at 10 AM in the house.