Every third Sunday, The Advocate Chapel is host to NC Shape Note for a old time Shape Note Sing. As is customary, all are welcome to come and sing along!
Whether you’ve tried it along the way or never experienced this particular form of song and camaraderie, come and give it a try. Or simply stop by and listen for a while. The Advocate Chapel is a terrific setting for this kind of music.
Members of the NC Shape Note have offered to come early to teach about the tradition of the shapes and the notes. If you’d like that, contact

Kyle Johnston <kylejohnston89@gmail.com> and she will be there at 1:30 PM.
From their website:

What is Shape Note Music?

  • It is something anyone can do.
  • It is sung a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment) in three or four parts.
  • It uses shaped note heads to indicate intervals between notes. As an example, a simple scale in the key of C would look like:


  • It is participatory music, not performance music. Singers face each other in a hollow square and take turns leading songs.
  • It has a distinctive sound: modal, open chords, octave doubling, unusual harmonies.
  • It is usually sung at full volume in an exuberant outpouring of sound and feeling.
All are welcome!