IMG_3456On occasion, the Advocate hosts an evening Contemplative Eucharist. A Contemplative Eucharist is a simplified Eucharist, punctuated with silence — silent space for being and listening, for contemplation and for receiving the Spirit. This service is pared down — only one reading from Scripture, and another from Holy Women: Holy Men, simplified homily with invited response. We sit in a circle for the liturgy of the Word and stand for the Offertory and Eucharistic prayer. It is a peaceful way to mark the middle of the week. It is followed by a 45 minute Contemplative Prayer for those who wish to stay.

From Faulkner’s Light in August:

“Sunday evening prayer meeting.  It has seemed to him always that at that hour man approaches nearest of all to God, nearer than at any other hour of all the seven days. Then alone, of all church gatherings, is there something of that peace which is the promise and the end of the Church.  The mind and the heart purged then, if it is ever to be; the week and its whatever disasters finished and summed and expiated by the stern and formal fury of the morning service; the next week and its whatever disasters not yet born, the heart quiet now for a little while beneath the cool soft blowing of faith and hope.”