Why Justice? A Study and Conversation Series for Epiphany

This Epiphany we will gather at the Homestead House on Wednesday nights at 7 PM to learn more fully what is meant by God’s Compassionate Justice and explore ways that people of the Advocate are being called to make that justice known in our community and our world.

We will begin on Wednesday, January 8, with an overview of how justice is revealed in Scripture and why it is a core value of the Church of the Advocate. We will begin to define and understand restorative justice.

January 15 we will discuss The Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr (available as a PDF online at: http://www.unicef.org/tdad/littlebookrjpakaf.pdf)

January 22 – February 26 various members of the Advocate community will help us to understand their passion for particular justice issues in our community and world.

January 22 — Tom Trueblood: Why is Palestine a justice issue?

January 29  Elaine Tola: LGBT Justice

February 5  Eileen Slade: Justice for People with Mental Illness

February 12  Rick Richards: Food Justice

February 19   Sallie Moore: Justice for the Homeless

February 26    Celisa Steele: Affordable Housing Justice.