At the conclusion of a sermon preached February 5, 2012, at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, The Rev. Marilyn McCord Adams, Priest Associate of the Advocate, said this about compassion:

“Compassion forces us to face wretchedness that can’t afford to wait for mercy to trickle down, desperate needs that demand our immediate attention, whether or not we have power to change the system.  And compassion is our best diagnostic tool for social reform, because it rivets attention on where present arrangements are most failing to deliver.  Compassion also keeps us mindful of the standards by which the bible’s God judges human societies: whether they institutionalize a bias for the rich and well-off, or whether their first move is to provide for the powerless and the poor.  

So, Mark’s Gospel warns: when Kingdom comes, comes the revolution!  No time to waste!  Mark’s Jesus shows us how best to prepare.  “Tear off the scabs!  Keep your minds clear by keeping your compassion raw!”