The popular observer of church and culture, Diana Butler Bass, has written book called, The Practicing Congregation. In it, she describes churches that seem to have a deep sense of faith and community, a vitality. And she notes that these congregations are engaging in certain practices that cultivate a connection with the ancient and an engagement with one another. “The Ancient Future Church” some call it.

Such practices often include those things that liturgical churches have never left – such as regular communion or Eucharist, or corporate confession. Other practices include a shared meal, a commitment to daily prayer or Sabbath rest, or an awareness and action concerning the environment and justice issues.

Tradition and change are in dialogue in these practicing churches. And there is a visible intentionality in worship and in congregational life. The Advocate is clearly such a practicing congregation.

We are also mindful of being practicing Christians,  mindful of practices that are a regular part of our daily, weekly, or seasonal lives: attendance at church, prayer, re-cycling for the sake of God’s creation, keeping an intentional Advent or Lent.

At the Advocate we are mindful of such practices. We realize that we are formed by our worship, the Eucharist, our fellowship.  We also use an Advocate practice card.  (Hard copies of this card are available at the Advocate on Sundays).

We invite you to join us!