FAQ About the Weekly Schedule at the Advocate

signAdvocate weekly schedule:

8:30 AM:
Classic Episcopal indoor service — in person
9:30 AM: Kids Christian Formation — outside in person
10:30 AM:
Traditioned Innovation indoor hybrid service — in person and on Zoom
12:30 PM:
Traditioned Innovation outdoor service — in person
8:30 PM: 
Compline (Night Prayers) — on Zoom

6 PM: 
Contemplative Prayer — in-person and on Zoom

8:30 PM: Compline (Night Prayers) — on Zoom


What’s Classic Episcopal? Classical Episcopal is an experience of the basic worship in the Episcopal tradition, using the Eucharistic rite from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and songs from the Episcopal Hymnal 1982. It is the foundation of our liturgy and worship life.

What is *Traditioned Innovation? According to the theologians at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, Traditioned Innovation is a way of thinking as a Christian that engages the past for the sake of the future. At the Advocate, this means that we take each of the various elements of the basic worship of the Episcopal tradition and consider how it might be made new or interpreted in different ways in different seasons or places or by different people. We use prayers and songs from throughout the Church and take seriously the ancient word for worship, liturgy, meaning “the work of people” such that our worship becomes the work of this particular people at this particular time in this particular place.

What’s Godly Play? Godly Play is an educational experience for kids, in which they are lead to engage with the stories of the Christian faith and participate in simple practices together. The Advocate offers Godly Play for kids ages three and up.