Book Launch for Behold What You Are — Thursday April 22 at 8 PM Eastern

All are invited to join the Zoom for the launch of Behold What You Are: Becoming the Body of Christ.
Thursday, Aprill 22
8 PM Eastern

Here’s the Zoom link.


Written primarily from her experience as Vicar of the Church of the Advocate, this book is in many ways the story of the People of the Advocate, formed by liturgy to be the Body of Christ, given for the world.

Advocate Sheryl Cornett will serve as host for the Launch, which will include readings from the book as well as shared experiences and learnings from a panel of current and former Advocates: Nathan Kirkpatrick, Sadie Koppelberger, Gabe Lamazares and John Wall.

You’re invited to have a celebratory beverage on hand for the Zoom reception following.

Please join us!