The Church of the Advocate is a seeking a Vicar, ideally to be in position by mid-summer of 2021.

The People of the Advocate are praying for the transitions ahead, that of our retiring Vicar, our own transition, and yours.

The Advocate is an engaging, creative and vital congregation looking for a new Vicar to lead/walk/work with us as we transition to our next season. Situated on 15 acres of land in a fast-growing neighborhood in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we are ready to explore new expressions of hospitality, spiritual formation, and social action.


February – Our current Vicar announced her plans to retire, and we began to organize our search effort. The Vestry is the search committee and will be supported by Canon Catherine Massey and the Diocese of North Carolina. Bishop Sam Rodman met with the Vestry to talk through the process, which will be a bit unusual (like us!). We then launched a survey of the People of the Advocate (PotA) to support our process of envisioning our future with our new Vicar (see a summary below).

March – We completed our church profile and provided it to the Diocese, and the job is now posted. We wait.

June – We hope to begin discussion with a few candidates.

July/August – We hope to have our new Vicar with us full-time, working collaboratively with our current Vicar for a three month transition period.

October/November – We bid Lisa, our current Vicar a very fond farewell.

The Voice of the People of the Advocate