Vestry Actions – February 2011

The January minutes were approved with amendment.

Peter Morris was elected Senior Warden; Beth Lassiter was elected Junior Warden (until elections in Feb 2012).

A balanced 2011 budget was approved.

The vestry approved pursuing the possibility of having a resident in the Homestead House (someone in discernment such as a seminarian or Johnson Intern).

The vestry adopted the following resolution: “In the coming year the vestry commits itself to: delighting in God’s gifts to us, strengthening our focus on liturgy, nurturing one another, working to serve God and the world and welcoming the stranger.”

The vestry created a small working group to determine how to best implement the above approved resolution (that may or may not involve committees) and make recommendations at the March vestry meeting.

The vestry gave Lisa permission to convene a communications task force to help her decide how to effectively communicate weekly with the congregation.