The Vicarage Presents… Women of the Cloud

Vicar of the Advocate, Lisa Fischbeck, along with producer Grace Camblos, has started a new short video program called The Vicarage. Filmed on location at the Advocate, these videos share stories and prayers of the Church.

In our first season, we focus on the Women of the Cloud, those women who are commemorated by The Episcopal Church and featured in the newly published book, “A Great Cloud of Witnesses.” It’s in part to fill the loss of the midweek Eucharist in this season of COVID, and also to share the stories about our ancestors in the faith that are usually heard only by those who can make it to the midweek Eucharist.

This week in Episode Five we remember Florence Nightingale, a woman inspired by her faith to care for the sick, injured, and dying, and who transformed nursing into the modern field of medicine that we know today:

Episode Four tells the story of Catherine Winkworth, a 19th century poet and advocate for women’s education who translated some of today’s best-loved hymns from German into English:

In Episode Three we lift up Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus who showed us how we can love God and each other — and we celebrate the ordination of the first Episcopal women to the priesthood, ordained on the feast day of Mary and Martha, July 29, in 1974. Episode Two tells the story of Sojourner Truth, a street preacher who preached against slavery, for the women’s vote, and, ahead of her time, against capital punishment. And Episode One tells the story of Macrina, fourth century monastic and writer and…. older sister to two very smart brothers.

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