The Season of The Advocate: Ascension – The Day of Pentecost

Wednesday, May 29 Ascension Eve
5:15 PM Contemplative Prayer
6 PM Holy Eucharist with Hymns for the Ascension of our Lord
7 PM House Dinner.

Sunday, June 2
9 AM Holy Eucharist with hymns and the Easter Troparian
10 AM Ascension lantern launch and Pee Wee Homes tour
11 AM Holy Eucharist with Hymns, Songs and the Easter Troparian
12:30 PM Lunch

Sunday, June 9 The Day of Pentecost
9 AM Holy Eucharist with hymns and the Easter Troparian
10 AM Beating of the Bounds
11 AM Eucharist with Hymns, Songs, the Easter Troparian
12:30 PM Festival Lunch

Here at The Church of the Advocate, instead of having a single feast day, we embrace a 10-day feast season — It starts with the Feast of the Ascension,
when Jesus ascends to God and, as recorded in First John,
there he serves there as our Advocate.
This year we will celebrate that ascension with an Ascension Eve Eucharist this Wednesday at 6 PM.
It is this Advocate Jesus, that we remember in our Advocate cross.

But there’s more. We then have a Sunday after the Ascension, which, this year, is next Sunday, June 2. And we will celebrate with a “beating of the bounds”. See more about that here.

Then comes the Day of Pentecost when we remember how the Holy Spirit descended and moved and breathed among those gathered in Jerusalem.
And moves and breathes among us still. This we will celebrate with a time of fellowship and a heavenward launching of lanterns and a festival potluck.

In all of this we remember the power and the presence of God among us as church, as people, created and beloved.