The Lord’s Prayer in Arabic

1337438434-palestinian-christians-prayerfully-protest-israeli-separation-wall_1222582It is a practice of the Advocate in our Eucharistic liturgy to say the Lord’s Prayer throughout the Season of Epiphany in the language of Christians in another place. We do this in part to remind ourselves that the Body of Christ is near and far, in part to express our solidarity with Christians who are at risk because of their faith.

This year we are trying hard to say the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic, holding in mind, as we pray, our Christian sisters and brothers throughout the Middle East, and especially in Palestine,  Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Here is the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic, and also in a transliteration. A recording helps us to hear the words as they are read by a Lebanese-born friend, Rula Mouawad.

lords prayer in arabic

Lord’s Prayer read in Arabic:  Voice00002

Aba na alathie fi asamawat,
Li yatakadas ismoka, Li ya’atie malakotoka,
Litakon mashia toka,
Kama fisama’ kathaleka ‘ahla al a’ard.
A’atinia khubzana kafafa yawmina,
Wa igfer lana khatayana,
Kama naahnu naghfer la man akhta’a elayna,
Wa la tudkhilna fit a jareeb;
Laken najjina min ashireer.
Lia’anna laka al kowata wal majd, al aan wa ila abad al aabideen. Amin.
Arabic – transliteration