The Episcopal Church of the Advocate welcomes (and needs) your support. There are four significant ways you can help us out:

Pray for the mission

The most important contribution anyone can make to the life of the Episcopal Church of the Advocate is to pray. Please pray:

  • For the Mission itself, that it may develop faithfully, responding to God’s call for the Church in this region of North Carolina at this time in our history.
  • For the People of the Advocate and for those who discern that God is calling them to be a part of the congregation. Pray that they may continue to have the energy and the vision to be able to welcome and reach out to those who do not yet have a church home, and may be a community of compassion and justice, realizing the transformation that God is working in us.

Visit on a Sunday morning or afternoon

We love to have visitors who want to get a sense of who we are because they are looking for a new church home. A visit is the best way to experience the community and the liturgy of the Advocate. We also welcome visits from members of our three sponsoring parishes. It’s like having a Godparent come to dinner — it helps us to feel connected to the extended family.

Tell others about the new church in town

While advertising is important, most people find a church home because someone tells them about a church or, even better, invites them to church. We depend on the conversations of our friends and supporters to help us get the word out about the Episcopal Church of the Advocate.

Make a financial donation

The Church of the Advocate has been blessed by the support and prayers of many in the three sponsoring parishes and beyond. Our Friends have given us a healthy, warm and joyful start. This includes their financial support, The remainder of our expenses for these years – office equipment, advertising, worship materials, insurance, special programs, financial support for those in need, Christian Education materials, worship space rental, weekday gathering space rental – all needs to come from additional donations and pledges.

Gifts may be designated to:

  • The General Fund: This fund will support the month-by-month expenses of the Advocate – from Zoom account to maintenance of land and buildings to salary for the Vicar.
  • The Fold and Field: Make a donation to honor our launching Vicar, Lisa Fischbeck. This project will provide “The Fold”: a space west of the pond for tucked away conversations and  a community bread and pizza oven.  And “The Field”: a euphemism for a 25-car overflow parking area at Merin and Billabong. We are hoping to raise $225,000 by Easter 2022.

You can make an online donation here.

Your donation can be mailed to:
Episcopal Church of the Advocate
8410 Merin Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516