Seasonal Changes in Worship for Epiphany

Sundays in the Season of Epiphany (January 8 – February 26) our worship will be adapted to encourage us to be more attentive to the ways in which God is made known (manifest) among us, and to listen more intentionally to God and one another.

As such, our chairs will be arranged to allow more of us to face one another. We will also receive communion in a circle (of sorts), rather than coming forward one by one or two by two.

Beginning January 15, at the Traditioned Innovation liturgy at 11 AM:

– The first part of the Eucharistic Prayer, known as The Preface, will change each week to incorporate themes from the readings of the day (from Eucharistc Prayers by Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher, Eerdmans 2016). Because the Preface will change from week to week, it will not be included in the seasonal guide, requiring us to listen attentively, as we do to the lessons Sunday by Sunday. This will symbolize for us a call to listen more attentively in every way in our encounters with God and with God’s people in these days.

– The Prayers of the People will not include a bidding for thanksgiving. Rather, in the time following Communion, when our awareness of God’s presence among us has been heightened, we will be invited to offer our thanksgivings to God silently or aloud, and to name the ways and places in which God has been made known (manifest) to us.

Changes in patterns of worship can be confusing, unsettling, even irritating. Changes in worship can also be informative, engaging, even inspiring. Please join us in worship this season and see what these changes mean for you.