Responding to Needs in Haiti

Many are asking how they might send financial assistance to Haiti.

1) You may help by contributing to the Haiti Fund of Episcopal Relief and Development.  See details and information for online giving at

2) You can support the Advocate’s partnership with St. Innocent’s Church and School on La Gonave Island in Haiti. Do do this, write a check to the Church of the Advocate with “Haiti Fund” in the memo line.

3) You can give to Hope for Haiti, a non-profit charitable organization run by a friend of a household of the Advocate. Hope for Haiti has doctors and nurses and medical supplies, a pilot and plane, but they need support for fuel and other expenses. See

4) You can offer this prayer from The Rev.Lorraine Ljunggren, Rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh:

God of all, on the day of your Son Jesus’ crucifixion, the earth shook

and the rocks were rent:

We, your frail and finite creatures, cry out to you for help when the

earth beneath our feet quakes

changing in an instant life as we know it.

On the wings of your Holy Spirit carry to the people of Haiti our

heartfelt prayers and love.

Keep safe those who travel to help in the midst of the earthquake’s


Watch over and help heal those who are injured.

Guide the minds and hands of the medical teams who treat the many who

are injured.

Inspire your people around the earth to work together to provide

shelter, food, and medicines.

Give peace to the hearts of those who cannot, for a time, speak with

those they love,

whether nearby or far away.

Bless those who have died and receive them into your loving arms.

For these and the unspoken needs which lie in every human heart,

we ask your holy blessing in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Please give as you are able, from your financial and/or spiritual resources.