Prayers of the People — Advent 2014

DSC_0900Advent is a season of hope and anticipation. Guided by the Spirit and in the midst of the Church, we remember Jesus’ Incarnation as a baby born of Mary 2000 years ago and we prepare ourselves for all the new ways Jesus will become real and present in our lives at Christmas and beyond.  

As the church, we are called to share life and faith together season by season. One way we can do this is in Advent is to share with one another the prayers, collects, poems, lyrics, bits of wisdom, pictures, and other things that encourage each of us remember, hope and prepare.

If you have anything that you would like to share with the community for this Advent season, please send it this week to Char Sullivan ( or Paul Marvin (  Char and Paul will collect all the contributions and put them together into a resource called “Prayers of the People – Advent 2014” which will be available in the bell tower and online each Sunday of Advent.