November 1: All Saints and the Installation of PB Michael Curry!

imagesSunday, November 1: All Saints Sunday. 

Please plan to join us for our celebration of the Saints – past, present and yet to come – at the Advocate on Sunday, November 1 at 10:30 AM.

The Festival of All the Saints is one of the 7 major Festivals of the Church Year. It is our custom on All Saints Sunday to surround ourselves with images of the great Cloud of Witnesses, the Communion of Saints, for our worship together. As you are led, please bring photos of those you have loved or admired who have gone before. We will post or place these photos and icons all around our worship space.

images-1Also, if you would like prayers offered in the context of the Eucharist for particular loved ones who have gone before, please send their names to before November 1.

The liturgy will be followed by an All Saints Festival Potluck. As you are able, please bring a dish to share.  In honor of All Saints, consider (but don’t feel obligated) using a recipe used by a previous generation and passed on to you.

photo by Nathan Kirkpatrick
photo by Nathan Kirkpatrick

Also November 1: Bishop Curry’s Consecration Live-streamed.

Following the morning celebration of All Saints, all are welcome to gather in the Chapel to watch the lifestream of the consercration of the Rt. Rev. Michale Curry, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of NC as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.