Hybrid Liturgy: In person and on Zoom!

Join us in the chapel or on Zoom — Sundays at 10:30 AM! Or check out other ways to attend in person.

Click here to join via Zoom

In the spirit of the Advocate, our goal is a liturgy that’s as inclusive and participatory as possible. Cameras and screens will help the two parts of the congregation interact with each other.

You may wish to print out the liturgy and music guides: 

If you plan to come in person, please be safe and check out our Covid Safety Procedures:

  • When inside the chapel, please wear a well-fitting mask (or grab one from the church vestibule)
  • Readers and preachers may remove their masks
  • The priest will wear a mask when presiding at the table
  • You may remove your mask to take the bread and wine during the Eucharist
  • If you do not feel comfortable removing your mask indoors, the priest can provide bread and wine for you outside after the service
  • Air purifiers will be used inside the chapel during services
  • When outside, masks are optional

Questions and concerns can be addressed to Marion@TheAdvocateChurch.org