House Dinner — now without dinner — Thursday evenings at 7 PM

The Thursday House Dinners (now on Zoom and without the dinner….) provide a place of shared food, shared stories, and deep fellowship. The hosts provide an atmosphere of welcome, mutual care, and good humor.

House Dinner is a time of togetherness over a shared meal, concluding with an invitation to respond to an open-ended prompt, often about an idea or concept (e.g., “shelter,” “grace,” “Christmas spirit”).

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself. All are welcome any time. If you are able, it helps if you can let the organizers know you are coming and if you can contribute food to the meal, so they can be sure the food and setting are gracious and welcoming.

The House Dinner takes place on Thursday, night at 7 PM.

Contact Debbie Wuliger <> if you want to join in the Zoom or if you have any questions.