Episcopal 101

Are you interested in learning more about the history, theology, liturgy, and structure of the Episcopal Church? If so, join us Sunday afternoons, September 8 – October 13, for “Episcopal 101,” a conversation-based introduction to the church. In each conversation we will be asking, “What difference does this make for us?”

Each week’s topic will be posted beforehand (see basic plan below). Any and all are welcome to join in any or all sessions.

Note: for these preparing for confirmation or reception in the Episcopal Church at the Bishop’s Visitation on Sunday, October 20, participation is expected.

Classes will generally be held1:15 – 2:30 PM at the Advocate.

If you are interested in being a part of the conversation, be in touch with the Vicar (Vicar@TheAdvocateChurch.org).

Episcopal 101, general plan:    
1) Jesus, Scripture and Creed    
2) The history of The Church. 
3) The Church in England and The Anglican Communion
4) Anglican spirituality and The Book of Common Prayer  
5) The Episcopal Church USA in particular
5) The 21st century and How the Advocate fits in.