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The Advocate Chapel is open for prayer and meditation daily, 8 AM – 8 PM

See more about our Sunday mornings here.

Saturday, April 21
5:30 PM     Advocate Community Games Night. All ages welcome for food, games and good company.

Sunday, April 22 — Easter IV
9 AM          Classic Episcopal. Holy Eucharist with the Book of Common Prayer and hymns from the 1982 Hymnal
10:10 AM   Coffee and A Teachable Moment for adults and Godly Play for kids. See more about the Teachable Moment’s series, Seeing White here.
11 AM        Traditioned Innovation. A 75 minute Eucharist with songs from many sources. Child care available for kids.

Wednesday, April 18
5:30 PM  Holy Eucharist with readings from Holy Women,  Holy Men.
6:15 PM  Contemplative Prayer. See more here.