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The Advocate Chapel is open for prayer and meditation daily, 8 AM – 8 PM

See more about our Sunday mornings here.

Sunday, December 9 The second Sunday of Advent. (here are the readings)
Due to the weather and our location, we have cancelled our remaining services and activities for the day.
We commend the daily office, a peaceful and beautiful rite of our tradition, that can be found here.

Wednesday,  December 12
1-4:30 PM  Pee Wee Homes Build. To sign up, check here.
5:30 PM  Holy Eucharist with prayers And readings from Holy Women Holy Men
6:15 PM  Contemplative Prayer. See mor
e here.
7 PM   Readers Roundtable meets to discuss A Girl Named Zippy. In the Advocate House.

Thursday, December 13
1-4:30 PM  Pee Wee Homes Build. To sign up, check here.

Sunday, December 16 The third Sunday of Advent. (here are the readings)
9 AM      A classic Episcopal Eucharist with prayers from the Book of Common Prayer and hymns from the 1982 hymnal.

10 AM    Godly Play for kids 3-9, Godly Play Grads for kids 9-13, Teachable Moment for adults and youth 14 and up. Child Care provided for 1-3 year olds.
11 AM    A 75-minute Eucharist with prayers and songs from a variety of sources. Followed by lunch (provided). Child care provided during the liturgy.
1:30 PM  Study of Hebrew Scriptures. See more here.
2 pm – 4 pm  Shape Note Sing in the Advocate chapel.