Responding to Needs in Haiti  — January 2010

Haiti Poem –January 12, 2010

Over the years, the Advocate has partnered with St. Innocents Church and School on La Gonave Island, Haiti. Many years, a group of people from the Advocate traveled to Haiti to foster friendship and connection between the people of the two congregations.

The Advocate also provides financial support for teachers salaries at the school. The Millenium Development Goals, initially established by the United Nations, have been adopted by the Episcopal Church, the Dicoese of North Carolina, and the Episcopal Church of the Advocate. Among other things, the MDGs ask governments, organizations, and individuals to donate 0.7% of their income to individuals or organizations in developing countries of the world. In the past, the Advocate has done this through our Advocate Tithe,  giving 10% of the Tithe (that is, 1% of our pledged and plate offering) to St. Innocents School and Church on La Gonave Island in Haiti.

Individuals and households of the Advocate can give all or part of their own MDG donation to St. Innocents, by writing checks to ECOTA with a memo for Haiti Partnership. Funds will be wired to Haiti in June and December.