Each Sunday, as we gather for worship at the Church of the Advocate, we bring offerings of food for those who are hungry in Orange County. The food we collect is delivered to the InterFaith Council in Carrboro for distribution.

We collect and offer food each week in response to the clear imperative of our Lord that we should feed the hungry. We also do it each week as a reminder to ourselves – and as a symbol in our liturgy – that the life and work of the church does not end with our Sunday worship. Rather, through our Sunday worship, as we experience God’s reconciliation and God’s restorative justice and love, we are called to carry that reconciliation and restorative justice and love out into the world and make it known.

Though each of us may not bring a food offering each week, as a congregation we do make this offering weekly. We invite you, as you are able, to consider buying an extra can or box of food to offer in the Sunday worship. Maybe make it a habit of your weekly grocery shopping.

As that food is offered at the altar, may it serve as a reminder, as a discipline, for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Food Pantry Needs This Month (can be brought to the offertory basket at the Advocate on Sundays)

Canned Pinto Beans


Canned Greens (Collards, Spinach, etc)


Snack Crackers and Saltines

Baked Beans or Pork-and-Beans


Dry Cereal

Corn Muffin Mix

Empty egg cartons, paper grocery bags

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and any other personal care items

Also, don’t forget about IFC’s holiday meal program! Only $25 helps IFC offer a holiday meal to an entire family–a turkey or ham, stuffing, vegetables, bread and dessert. Holiday meal requests have gone up! IFC needs to collect $21,000 this year to provide approximately 840 meals.  To participate, write a check to the IFC for $25 and put it in the offering basket. Our IFC liaisons will deliver checks and food on Monday.