Christmastide and Epiphany at the Advocate

Christmas Continues….  for 12 Days!

Please join us Sunday, December 30. The First Sunday of Christmas
At 10 AM for the Holy Eucharist with lessons and carols, followed by a simple meal. Child care provided during the service.
Saturday, January 5. The Burning of the Greens! As you are able, bring your greens from home — Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands — and we will burn then in the fire circle, while singing songs and staring in awe at the light coming into the darkness. And there will be cake!
6-7 PM.

Sunday, January 6   The Feast of the Epiphany!  The sages from the East arrive!
9 AM      A classic Episcopal Eucharist with prayers from the Book of Common Prayer and hymns from the 1982 hymnal.
10 AM   Epiphany Brunch (provided). There will be Kings Cake!!
(Note: Godly Play for kids 3-9, Godly Play Grads for kids 9-13, Teachable Moment for adults and youth 14 and up will resume January 13!)
11 AM    A 75-minute Eucharist with prayers and songs from a variety of sources. Child care provided during the liturgy.
1:30 PM  Study of Hebrew Scriptures. See more here.

All are welcome to all.