On March 10, Sadie Koppelberger (intern at The Advocate) preached a sermon about, among other things, Satan tempting Jesus in the wilderness. And she said something that I had not particularly thought about before – she said that Satan didn’t offer anything that Jesus would actually find tempting – that Satan fundamentally misunderstood Jesus.

That was new! I mean, of course that makes sense, but I had never thought about it that way before. And maybe part of what was standing in my way was a verse from Hebrews which says that Jesus was tested in the same ways that we are. But rethinking it in light of what Sadie said, this just means that Jesus was given the same test questions – questions that were not at all difficult for him to answer, but are very difficult for us.

Recognition and worldly power and servitude to anything less than God are not of any interest to Jesus. That is just who Jesus is. Jesus does not find Satan all that interesting. Me? Sometimes, I don’t even recognize when I’m chasing recognition, for instance. I don’t have the single minded focus of God incarnate.

This is part of why I show up at church as often as I can – I need the support – and I need all the reminders that I can get that Satan is not all that interesting after all.

-Sarah McGiverin