Every Sunday morning at The Advocate, our vicar Lisa tells us that what we are doing in worship is liturgy – the work of the people. She continues by saying that what happens when we are together is made what it is by the presence of each of us, gathered in that place.

It occurred to me that when the people of The Advocate gather at other times, we are also doing the work of the people – whether it is at a shared meal or book club or a vestry meeting or Sunday school… when we gather to the glory of God, we are doing the work of the people of God.

Then I wondered – how far might liturgy extend? Often, what we experience together constitutes a call to us as individuals – and as we reflect on our experiences we begin to formulate a response. Could this be liturgy too? Especially if we bring our church inspired individual work back into our common space?

This blog space is for the people of the Advocate to share their responses to the calls issued by our life together – and to extend our understanding of our common work – the work of the people – our liturgy.

– Sarah McGiverin

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