To Worship in the Land: Anticipated Timeline


This is an evolving document. This edition is dated July 13, 2013.

March 2012

Receive approval from Town of Chapel Hill for minor modification of our Special Use Permit

Fund-raising for major gifts ($5,000 and higher) begins

Standing Committee meets approves contract with Germanton Baptist Church

April 2012

Learn the route for the move of St. Philip’s from Stokes County to Orange County

Begin to seek bids from contractors

Begin 5-6 month process to acquire Zoning Compliance Permit and Building Permit from Town of Chapel Hill


May 2012

Begin the Sponsor-a mile portion of the capital campaign


August 2012

Have gifts and pledges for cost of move in hand ($250,000)


November 2012

Prepare St. Philip’s for move

Acquire Building Permit

Prepare site for church

Move St. Philip’s


December 2012

Receive St. Philip’s Church on site December 8


December 2012 – June 2013                   Experience a surprisingly rainy, wet winter


April/May, 2013

Roof restored and insulated, shingles added, bellower and steeple reconstructed, pine shake added to steeple.


June, 2013

Walls insulated, drain from parking area installed.


Summer/Fall 2013

With gifts, pledges and $330,000 in loans in hand, we are now in the process of  working on the remaining infrastructure, building, and permit process needed for  occupancy. Depending on the weather, this will take 3-6 months.

Only after that is done can we begin to worship in the church.