Advocate Energy Audit This Thursday!

Thursday, May 12, at 5 PM, the Advocate will be given an energy audit.

A service provided through North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light, an energy audit will teach us whether or how the Advocate is wasting electricity and water resources in our Chapel and house, and how we might do more to save and conserve those resources. This guidance will be good for our planet, and good for our budget.

We know that we conserved natural resources by adaptive re-use of our Chapel and house. We also know that even with our best effort in 2014, the 1890s chapel and 1970s era house were never designed to the standards of 21st century environmental sustainability. And we love our open windows! But maybe we can learn about how best to regulate the temperature and how some additional insulation might make a difference.

Bruce Hunn, building energy consultant will be our auditor. All are welcome to join him as he surveys and analyses our particular situation. No doubt, we can call learn more about energy conservation and apply our learnings to our own households, as well as to the Advocate.