Advocate Chapel Hosts YMCA Yoga Classes October – February

While the Chapel Hill YMCA undergoes construction over the next 4-5 months, the Advocate Chapel will host the Y’s yoga program.

There is no level of expectation for any of the classes unless otherwise stated. All levels should be able to come and do what they can do. That being said, Hatha and Mindful Yoga are recommended for those that are brand new to the practice.

Hatha Yoga Mondays 9:30-10:45am

This class offers a series of related flowing movements, or vinyasa, that will allow you to benefit physically by developing strength, flexibility. Breathing and relaxation techniques will help you get centered and connect with your body.

Sivananda Yoga Wednesdays 7:15-8:30pm

This class emphasizes an organic, lighthearted approach to deep-stretch, otherwise known as traditional Hatha Yoga. Fun, yet powerful, and not rooted in spiritual rigidity or perfection, Sivananda yoga revitalizes the mind and body through a series of asanas.

Flow Yoga Thursdays 6-7pm

Move from one pose into another as this series of postures builds strength, increases flexibility, and reduces stress. Many modifications are offered for those who are stretching more gently and additional challenges are given for those looking for a more vigorous experience. All levels are welcome.

Mindful Yoga Fridays 12:30pm-1:45pm

Experience a yoga sequence that focuses on deepening your sense of self awareness. This class focuses on moving mindfully through asanas in an effort to deepen your practice. Mindful yoga is a slower paced class that cultivates deep relaxation for the mind and body.