IMG_4235In the summer months, July, August and September 3, we gather for one liturgy on Sundays at 5PM.
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Note: During the “school year”, we gather for worship on Sundays as follows:
8:15 AM              Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer
9 AM
                   Classic TEC (Holy Eucharist from the BCP and songs from the Hymnal 1982
10 AM   Coffee, A Teachable Moment*, and Godly Play* for the kids
11 AM                 Traditioned Innovation (TI) Liturgy.  With Holy Eucharist with sermon and prayers and songs from across the Church. (Child Care provided, followed by Lunch fellowship (food provided)*
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And on Wednesdays:
5:30 PM               A simple and quiet Eucharist in the Chapel.
6:15 PM – 7 PM    Contemplative Prayer.