The Advocate Tithe Applications

Each year, the Episcopal Church of the Advocate is committed to giving a minimum of 10% of our pledged income and plate offering received each Sunday to organizations in the community that help those in need and those working for peace and justice in the world. In other words, for every $10 given to us, $1 will be given to others. This offering is called the Advocate Tithe.
Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Advocate Tithe distribution.
Applications are due to the Advocate by December 1.
Distribution of the Advocate Tithe is determined at the recommendation of a seasonal committee of Advocates meeting the first week of December.


The Advocate Tithe for 2016 will be $16,000.

The Advocate Tithe for 2015 was distributed as follows:
IFC                                                                                      $2000
Justice United                                                                     $1000
NAACPNC                                                                            $1000
Coalition for Peace with Justice                                           $500
Compass Center                                                                   $1000
Club Nova                                                                            $1000
Johnson Service Corps                                                         $1000
EmPOWerment Inc.                                                              $500
Church World Service (refugee resettlement)                      $3500
Episcopal Hospital in Gaza                                                  $1600
Community Empowerment Fund                                         $800
Autism Society of NC                                                           $500
Vicar’s Discretionary Fund                                                  $1600                                                                                                                $16000 total

Procedures for Requesting Support
  • An Application for Support from the Advocate Tithe is posted  below for those who would like to request support from the Advocate — whether that support be in the form of volunteer labor or logistical help, advocacy work, financial assistance, or other support from the church.
  • Completed forms may be sent to the church at: The Advocate Tithe; The Episcopal Church of the Advocate, 8410 Merin road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; or left in the collection plate at a church service.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by how closely they match the Advocate’s Core Values (Compassion, Justice, and Transformation) as well as the priorities for giving and involvement identified  by the congregation.

Decisions about supporting proposals are made by consensus among those present at meetings of the Community Engagement Facilitators. All proposals for financial or other support will be reviewed and approved on the basis of their fulfillment of our core values.

In our decisions about how to engage with the community around us, we prefer to:

  • Support projects that give voice to people who are marginalized and have very little voice.
  • Provide not only financial support, but also the time and talent of members of the congregation.
  • Support projects in which members of the congregation are already involved.
  • Support projects and organizations that are accountable, sustainable, and willing to teach us about their outcomes.
  • Support projects and organizations that are willing to send representatives to visit and help educate the congregation about their issues of concern.
  • Support groups that promote change, as well as those that meet direct needs.
  • 10% of our Tithe grants are given in the spirit of the Millennium Development Goals, usually supporting a ministry overseas.

tithe proposal form