Sunday Schedule Flips and Shifts, May 29 – September 4

Easter SunSimple Sunday Morning Eucharist @8:30 AM
Principal Worship at 5 PM
May 29 – September 4
When the Advocate was launched in 2003, and for the eleven years that followed, our principal liturgy was held at 5 PM. This was an outward and visible sign of our commitment to be a church for those who might not otherwise be drawn to a more established way of being church, or who, because of work schedules could not worship on Sunday mornings. Among other things, what many of those who had been regular church-goers soon discovered, was a Sunday morning sabbath, a time of leisure and of rest.
May 29 – September 4, the Advocate will return to having our principal worship at 5 PM. It will be followed each week by a simple supper (provided).
So take back the sabbath! If you are out of town, or otherwise able to get to church on Sunday morning, or if you simply want to enjoy a Sunday morning at home or on the trails,  come join us at 5 PM. And invite a friend!
For those who like church a bit earlier on a Sunday morning, this summer we will be adding a Simple Sunday Morning Eucharist at 8:30 AM. We will use the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, may sing a hymn or two, and we will have coffee afterwards (if you want to volunteer to make coffee, contact