Pledge Request for 2018

October 20, 2017

Dear Friends and People of the Advocate,

Fall is upon us and once again it is time for the usual & necessary request to each and all for a financial pledge to the Advocate’s operating budget for the year ahead.

The basic operating budget for the upcoming year is $209,000. The Advocate operating budget includes ordinary things like maintaining the chapel and house, audit and accounting services, land and pond upkeep, and utilities. Then there are the costs of providing faith and fellowship: piano accompanists and music, Christian education materials, and liturgical supplies. A portion of our budget goes to compensating a one-day-a-week administrative assistant, our children’s education coordinator, childcare providers, and of course, Lisa, our vicar. The vestry is hopeful, with your generosity, to go beyond basic.

The Advocate is at a pivotal time in our being. 2018 will be the first year we are 100% financially independent of the diocese and support from local parishes. We are grateful for the generous support received from both in previous years. This support allowed the Advocate to plant, blossom, and grow. Now it is time for each of us to give faithfully of our fruits.

We recognize people give time, talent, and treasure in a myriad of ways. Volunteers provide countless hours making church “happen” from baking the bread to ironing linens, from organizing Sunday lunch meals to providing refreshments for Teachable Moment, from mowing the lawn to tending the garden, the People of the Advocate are generous with their time. The People of the Advocate are indeed a talented group, we have artists who design and craft, singers and musicians who host special events, teachers who offer their expertise, and even a yoga instructor. We are grateful for these gifts of talent.

Which brings us to the gift of treasure. It’s always an awkward but essential ask. The vestry is asking each household to set aside one hour in the next few weeks to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider your financial contribution to the Advocate.  Our aspirational goal is that all families will pledge their financial support to the Advocate’s 2018 operating budget. Unanticipated donations in the basket on Sunday are helpful, but pledges are the foundation of our budget—they provide the basis for our decisions about what we can afford for salaries, stipends, and other expenses. The Advocate operating budget, like our liturgy, is truly the work of the people.

Know that your pledge makes a difference.

We ask that you make your pledge for the 2018 operating budget by December 1.

You can download a pledge form here.

Forms with envelopes will also be available in the bell tower of the Chapel.
Please place your pledge in the collection plate during the Offertory on Sunday, or mail it to:
       The Episcopal Church of the Advocate
       8410 Merin Road
       Chapel Hill, NC   27516

Or…. you can send any new pledge information in an email to:
Just include your name and the amount you want to pledge to the Advocate for 2018.


The Advocate Vestry

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Shannon Gigliotti, junior warden (

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Paul Marvin (

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