Church as Usual Despite Water Shutdown

Residences and businesses in Chapel Hill and Carrboro are without access to water lines due to a breakdown in a water main.
First, I bid your prayers for those whose lives are truly inconvenienced and your consideration of solidarity with those who live where the availability of fresh, potable water is always in doubt, particularly for those who labor in the tobacco fields of North Carolina, the people of Flint Michigan, the people of Haiti, and the people of Israeli occupied Palestine.
Second, The Vicar’s home in Durham is available for those who need water or showers. Call or text  919-219-4437 for directions.
Third, The Advocate has one spigot that is on well water. It is unfiltered water and highly rich in iron (so it is orange). But this is water that can be used in toilets at least. This is the spigot on the side of the house facing the chapel. (All other spigots and faucets at the Advocate are on OWASA)
Fourth: There will be Church tomorrow, February 5. With access to our well water we will be able to use our toilets, and with so many PotA who live in Durham, we will have water to drink! So whatever happens with OWASA, we will have church as usual, (more or less), tomorrow!