Bridging The Political Divide: An Evening Video Course with Parker Palmer

faith-and-politicsAll are welcome to join this presentation and conversation at the Advocate
Wednesday, September 14
7 PM
We are in the midst of what may be the most polarizing and contentious elections in recent U.S. history. It is sometimes hard to hear a “respect for the dignity of every human being” in the thick of the rhetoric and charge. Candidates, social media and press coverage combine to effect a certain fear, division, and unease into our culture.

How do we make sense of this? How do people of faith respond? How do we remain calm and centered amidst our difference and tension, taking our roles as peacemakers and even prophets, seriously?

Educator, author, and activist Parker Palmer has a few ideas. He has written extensively on faith and democracy issues. In this course, he offers thoughtful insight into how we might approach divisive political issues with grace and grit.

Palmer believes our current political climate provides a rare opportunity to think more deeply about who we are as people and a nation. In this course, Palmer offers four video presentations:

1) We the People
2) The Art of Holding Tension
3) Our Deepest Divide
4) Taking Action

This course has been made possible by Forward Movement, The Episcopal Church, Bexley Seabury SeminaryLiving Compass, and the Center for Courage and Renewal.